6 months in

We are almost entering the second half of 2017. As June draws to a close, so am I drawing a close to a position I have held for about 3 years now. Moving on to something, that is closer to my heart; loosely said, of more interest to me.

As I have probably mentioned way too many times in recent posts, 2017 has been a challenge for me. Mainly in the world of church, ironically. When religious people cannot get along, thinking themselves more religious than the other, what would you expect?

Then again, as I look back, I am thankful. That the challenges have taught me, who are important, what is important. Nowadays, I find myself no longer sweating or harping over random matters. While things still do somewhat trigger me, I don’t dwell on them for too long. Have I grown? Maybe.

With the change in outlook, I certainly do find myself happier. With less burdens and things to fret about. Should I thank the people who have created the challenges for me? Maybe.

Moving on, I am looking to further develop my personality and find my focus once again.


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