It is okay. Everything will be alright.

I am. Self-consoling. Things have not be alright since, at least 2 weeks ago. Now I feel even worse than before because, the friend I trusted would stand by me, has left me. Or seemingly so. Considering her actions and lack of, response.

I am, beginning to hate myself for still praying for some flickering hope that the friendship can be salvaged. Just who am I kidding. Is it not obvious, that the friend no longer want to have anything to do with you? Why do you still go begging for some friendship juice. Even if there is any drip of juice, it is out of some pity at how pathetic you are. Thank you, Friend. For making me feel this way.

Before the friendship concludes, I only have one request. That I be allowed to know/understand what happened to get the friendship into this drastic state. That, even my messages go ignored. While you have taken time to reply, at least I get some response. Now? even a simple qns yields a zero response. 3.5 months. Every other week, something comes up to challenge me. In 3 months, I have somewhat lost 2 friends. And one has to be one I hold closely. It has hurt. It hurts. And I guess the only way to remove this hurt, is to remove the source of the hurt. Since, as it seems, you have already removed me from your radar of friends.


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