When you have a breakdown and you find that the people who are available/around to talk to you are, the ones outside your religious community. The very community that preaches love and sharing.

Yet, in your darkest moments, you find you have no one to turn to. And when you finally do turn to someone, they leave you hanging.. “i’ll get back to you when i have the time.. meanwhile..” Yea.. they are always busy.

Not that I dont understand people can be busy but… oh wellz. Its somehow amusing that the one who readily share their time with me, are those non-religious people.
Almost the case, every, single, time.

I had a breakdown yesterday. Simply overwhelmed with emotions. I could not contain the outflow. A friend was nearby and asked if I was okay. I would say, I could have told her what was wrong, but there was another youth hanging about.. and somehow, I just could not. Guess, that is how everything just went into meltdown.

Timing was all wrong.

Till now, 24hours later, I am still feeling the emotions. Someone tell me why the emotions are still so strong? Even after all the tears yesterday?


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