I have a fettish for planes. Commercial, fighter.. yea.. Just about any metallic thing that flies. I rarely come across space shuttles so they are off my list, for now.

Every other year, an airshow is held in Singapore.Well, for 2017, the show is now ongoing in Melbourne! I received text messages from the aussie at 7am on a Saturday morning, that the airshow is now, ON! How loved… she spams my phone with pictures and videos. Whooo~

Its a lovely weather out there in Melbourne today, 27 degC as per the friend’s report. And I get up to gloomy and wet weather, here in Singapore. Perfect for a laze-in on a Saturday? Yea maybe… plus the fact that I am battling a flu bug and fever.

With the pictures, the friend has somewhat set down in my calendar, a trip to Melbourne in 2019, for a visit to the city and for, the airshow! 🙂 Yep… looks like a feasible plan.
Why, does this get me excited! 😀


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