The human behavior

Humans sometimes are weird. Specifically, human behavior is weird. They judge and wonder why others behave this way when, more often than not, they behave in the exact same manner.

Because of the occurrences that have happened in the past few weeks, I have encountered quite a fair bit of the human response.

In the latest spat, I kind of got into a disagreement with a fellow worker on priorities. When she decided that a badminton game was more interesting or more needing of her than a religious commitment. Thereafter the card of “I cannot commit..” was played.

While I was rather pissed and disappointed with the lack of responsibility here, what really smacked me was, the aftermath of everything.

Eventually, this co-worker did get down for music practice. But, with a face so black, she looked almost non-Chinese. Anyhow, not that I really saw her face, considering the face was buried in her phone for the 2hour session. Such rebellion from a, 23-year-old. Wasn’t expecting that.

After the session, the 23 year old walked out of the room without a word of “bye”. Which is unlike her, on normal occasions. Fine. The next day, much to the protest of a friend (who is also 23 years old but so much more mature), I sent an apology text to the moody girl. And, thanking her for her time.

We have not been talking like we used to, ever since.

Am I inclined to blame that cock of feathers game? Kinda.

I feel rather dumb, having to text someone, and the person simply ignores the text till when necessary to respond. And giving you the “sorry for the late reply!” starter. Right… like I don’t already know you, and your “schedules”. Sincerity absolutely lost there.

As with my previous post, I decided to send a friendly text. That well, went, ignored.

Eventually a response did come, tagged with a million other msgs because, there was a need to reach me for the schedule.

Should I say, tit-for-tat.. I have not replied to a single of the msg since receiving it 2 days back. Basically, I feel like, I’m done. I don’t enjoy this treatment. And not that I enjoy treating people this way (if you know me, I respond to ppl even if it is a simple “ok” acknowledgement). However, there is a limit to, how much of ignoring I can endure before, I break. Which is, my current state.

I’m done. This fellow worker was a dear friend previously. And the hurt caused is so much greater because of this fact of how dear she was to me. Still, I have tried. To mend the relationship. I was hurt further.

Interestingly, after I quite clearly ignored the fellow worker, she started responding (again) to the online games we had been playing together. Which, somehow appears to be a nudging reminder that “hey! i’m still around!!”.

Funny huh.. at least to me, it is. Human, behaviors.


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