Ignored.. once again

On a morning like this, I wonder, why I get sudden inspirations to do something, yet such actions appear to break me more than mend me?

Whilst getting ready to get out for work this morning, I had the thought to send a friend (that had recently turned hostile) a text message. Simply asking, how has the week been going.

I held off sending the message till, I reached the office. While I am more than half not expecting a response, I sit here wondering, why did I even bother sending a message to “disturb” ? And get myself into a state of waiting.. (yes, although I am not quite expecting the response… such contradictions). -.-

This friendship does set me thinking. Just what kind of relationship is this? A bond that turned (this) sour/bad simply because of a disagreement we had last week? Wow. Such a realization that the friendship is this superficial and weak huh…

Should I then, bother to maintain this friendship. To even spend time and the effort to send a text message that…. goes ignored.

This is, honestly a bad year. It is barely, the first day of March and, I’m ignored already by 2 “friends”. Surprise surprise… these sensitive, touchy, superficial friendships are with the people I meet, in church.

Almost sounding like a broken record, the incidents hurt me. Bad. Irony of all things, the ones who tire me out are the Christians… :/

Dear God, do I really, now, let go?
Speak to me Lord. What is it…


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