Conformity of Love

What are the boundaries of Love?

Is it defined, that love can exist only between man and woman? How about between people of the same gender?

By the way, talking about love is, couple Love. Not a mutual, communal form of Love.

Having grown up in a much traditional society and family, there are unwritten rules that govern a Love relationship.

Just to name a few:-
1) Love must be between a male and a female
2) Ideally, the male should be older than the female
3) Love should be between people of the same religion
4) Love should be with people of the same ethnicity

Looking back at my parents’ (and older) generation, these rules have largely been strongly abided. This has changed much though, over these years. There are now many more inter-religion, inter-racial marriages. Pregnancies out of wed-lock. Single-parent homes.

Did all these occur, because “true love” exists/happened? Or have we just begun to mingle more, the world has become “smaller”, people are meeting more people.

Then there’s the case of Love between people of the same gender. While it is already quite a taboo for a Christian to marry a Buddhist or, a Chinese to marry a Malay…
Homosexuality takes things to a whole new level.

Yet, assuming that there really is “true love” between two people of the same gender, should these people suppress their emotions, just because, it is a taboo? Or should they pursue, what makes them happy?


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