Slowing down

Chinese New Year is over for 2017. The next public holiday coming up will be Good Friday.. which is, another 2 months off.

For about a month now, I have been anticipating a good news call from a recruiter. However, till date, I have not received any further details pertaining to my application. Cause for concern?

While I am hoping for things to be finalized as soon as possible, I am kind of enjoying the “relaxed” life after having sounded off my current manager about my intentions to leave. Loading on me has been reducing. Just wondering now, whether I should take the risk of leaving without a secure job first. I do need the break/rest. Re-calibrate my life.

On the church front, things in the worship team have not been improving. Status quo since Jan 1. I am too tired to be bothered to figure how to remedy things.
The word “team” is used just as a collective term. There is no bond between the members.

The only bond(s) I thought was present with one or two of them, well, somehow disintegrated with the change of the calendar year. I was wrong. Realising that, the hurt has already set in, though I wouldn’t say its too late to take myself back and keep the things I share, in check.
People, do not take me for granted. I am as human as you are.

Anyhow, after two months, I finally managed to get the brudder slotted in for worship. And, may I say that, for the first time this year, worship was Awesome!? Nevermind whosoevers moodiness. The music was great enough to heal my soul. 🙂

May things continue to look up, music-wise. Since no one is concerned about building relationships, I shall too focus on the technical and improving my skills.

Few days back, I told the friend that the (little) hammie now looks like a rat. Big. The friend was in disbelief and wanted picture proof. Picture proof. Thought I have been posting enough pictures of hammie to show that she has grown… so much.

hammie 05.jpg

Stay strong and healthy, Hammie.


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