New life

The power of positive energy. The power of the mind.

If and when one decides to be positive, everything somehow works out fine. At least with those who matter. One’s positivity (and negativity) can be contagious.

When I said goodbye to January, I told myself I wouldn’t want February to be anything like what happened in Jan. First of Feb was not the best day but it certainly was not bad either. And things increasingly got better, with the continuous internal push to be strong.

Devotion readings were great too. “Find rest in God and let Him do the rest..

Actually, life isn’t all too bad. How bad can my life be? If I consider mine to be bad…. there might be many lost cause souls out there.

20 mins before closing, I “flew” to the pet store to get Hammie a new cage. Eyed it for about a week before finally deciding on the purchase. Besides, it was S$25 for the “big” cage. Discounted down from S$40.70. Hey… S$25 for that sized cage. Why not!

Danngg but when I got home and started to assemble the cage, I started to regret the purchase. Supposedly a patented design, the manufactured parts were horrible. They hardly fitted well together. Well, interlocking parts were within specs, assuming the parts are magically fitted together. Else, there is hardly any chance of “locking” the parts without breaking the plastic! It is not like plastic is soft and can be bent to conform into the intended slots. -.-

Having such difficult fitting the parts in, I dread the day I have to take the parts apart to clean the cage… !? Ohgawd.

After setting the cage up, I took Hammie out of her old home and placed her into the new place. Within.. 5 secs. She was climbing like I had drugged her with some hyper-activity drug. She was out of control! It was like she had been placed into a base of enemies… she refused to be grounded and was all over the grilles! And the climbs were not happy ones. More like… “GET ME OUT!!” climbs.

She calmed down after I placed her back into her old home. She stayed hidden in her little bathroom. After 20 mins, I decided enough was enough, I took the entire bathroom and placed it into the new cage. Also transferring some of her old bedding to the new cage. Hoping to give Hammie some smell of familiarity.

Hammie continued to stay in the bathroom till I went to bed. It was only after lights-out when Hammie decided to get out to… play. Gawd. Dannggg the wheel. Can someone noise-proof the running wheels?!

It was, however, heartening to see Hammie getting adjusted to her new home…

Hammie’s favourite day-time sleep corner – behind her new bathroom…


Hammie’s daily exercise routine – stretching it out…
This is one agile, restless hammie..


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