Emotional States

To have a friend, friends with whom you achieve a level of proximity, you are able to determine the thoughts/feelings of the other person.

Well, let’s say you can’t determine/feel the other party, how about, having a friend who shares the same emotional energy as you despite not having any physical proximity?

Is this good or bad.. Is this even logical?

While it might seem like a nice thing to have, when your close friend actually is in the same state as you, he/she might be better able to understand the depths of lows you are going through. HOWEVER. When you are already in such lows, wouldn’t you need someone high up to pull you up? And not sit at the bottom of the well with you?

Is there a balance for having someone to be in the well with you, yet, be also able to pull you up?

Something, strange I have realised with a friend recently is. When I’m feeling all low. For some reason, the friend shares the same energy states. It might be seeing her in this state that I find some form of energy to lift myself up… so to not grouch with her.. but be the energy booster. Yet, the moment I lift myself up…. her energy states go up in the similar manner. Why?

Coincidence? Not if it has happened on more than one occasion.


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