Occasionally, I run through my travel pictures. While by doing so, I start remembering happy travel memories. I have not felt anything so strong as the memories I have of my last trip to San Francisco.

I have to admit that the USA holds a special place in my heart. But, such attraction and fond memory of the place? Why.

I have a folder of pictures still kept in the laptop. Looking through them, my heart is aching to be teleported back to July 2016.
It was summer, but, I had my jacket on most, if not all the time. I was not prepared for the temperatures that I experienced. It was 14-18degC in the day, dipping to 10 degC when the sun disappeared. I certainly was not clothed for such temperatures.

Still. I loved the weather. Especially the sun and the cool weather. That was the most perfect. Awesome blue skies.

Matched with the trip being the most r&r trip I’ve had ever. For about 2 days, I was totally on my own. Whatever I did, whatever I wanted to eat, when I wanted to eat, where I wanted to go….. I just wandered. How awesome is that?

No… I’m the kind of person who is not bothered with being alone. After 2 days, the friend joined me for the final leg of her graduation trip. Can I say the friend was an awesome travel companion? She either accommodated me very well or, her rhythms simply complemented mine extremely well.

Her presence doubled my love for San Francisco and the trip.
Ohgawd. I miss San Francisco (and the travel buddy).


Dear God, can we have another trip together pls?


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