Ignore and being Ignored

When someone ignores you, it does not feel good. Yet, we all have got to be guilty of ignoring at least one person every other day. No? We can’t always be responding to every message that comes in.. (i’m talking about text messages btw) Else, we will spend every single waking moment, glued to the phone or electronic devices, responding, to everyone.

Why then do people ignore others or in a nicer way, not reply to others when they know full well, it does not feel good? If I may add the phrase, to ignore, on purpose. To disregard, on purpose.

I have, a few days back, started reading on psychology.

I have often found it interesting. To understand human behaviour. And, because of the recent spat of events, I’ve taken increased interest in this area, of understanding humans… understanding more about gut feelings and intuition.

Everyone, I believe, has gut feelings. Intuition. Everyone, can sense things, somehow. Sense, when someone does not like them, when someone likes them.

Personally, my gut feelings can sometimes be so strong, it saddens me. Sometimes because of the kind of news it tells me. Then again, of course, there have been instances of happy news. Except that, happy news are less seldom remembered than bad news. When you, or for this matter, I, receive bad news, I think more about the news, wondering if by any chance, my gut feelings cannot be trusted. When good news are here, I trust it without question.

Is this, just the mind, willing to believe something that it desires? There is no logic involved. It is simply, because the outcome is desirable or, un-desirable.
But, in such instances, because the mind is the one controlling feelings, how, does one truly interpret gut feelings? Does the mind have a play in the gut feelings that surface?

I have also encountered occasions, when I imagine the worst imaginable scenarios… just so that, should things really happen in the bad way, I am, prepared for it. Consider it, not setting hopes up too high.

Anyone with good reads to recommend out there? Topics that speak about “understanding gut feelings”, “reading human behaviour” etc ?

Let me know!


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