End of January 2017

If 1 January is the “shortest” day in the calendar year, January is probably the “shortest” month. It usually passes so fast, transiting from Christmas to New Year to Chinese New Year. Snap. January is over.

2017 has shown me the possibly longest January ever. As far as I can recollect.
Long, because, of the events that have occurred in succession.. wham-bam me.

January will end in 2 days. Should I say, yay? Will I see some form of miracle or good news within the next 2 days? *fingers crossed* praying hard…. Maybe. Just Maybe… God might make things possible for me.

Matthew 19:26 – “…. with man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.

It is day 2 of the Lunar New Year 2017. Long weekend started with a day off on Friday.. last through till Tuesday. Back to work on Wednesday. 5 days off! Whooohoo….

Well, while I wish that life could better make me smile, I can’t entirely complain about my state. I am thankful.. to have friends who (still) care.

On the eve, I finally returned to joining the crowds in Chinatown to usher in the new year. cny-eve_01
When we first entered the mass, we commented to ourselves, “the crowd is less massive this year..” Were we rudely wrong when we finally entered the REAL crowd….. -.-

cny eve_03.jpg

It was so bad… there was so much body contact.. Sweaty people, strangers. It just feels strange. Awkward.

In one street, we encountered numerous people with Chihuahuas being carried in doggy-bags. No idea why they were all out either. And as if the friend knew where I was, I received a text from the friend while I was in that very street.

cny eve_02.jpg
Not much of a buy this year.. we were searching hard for the keropok stall but.. NADA. Has the keropok man decided to stop selling permanently? Or, we were just too late.

There were stalls selling all kinds of knick-knacks. There were even Indians and Negros setting up stalls selling their ware, and henna tattoos (probably targeting more the tourists).

I walked past a shop manned by a Negro lady and felt rather sad for her. She had so many camel skin and leather pouches/bags left unsold. Considering that was already past midnight into the Chinese New Year… I’m not sure man. How her business has been the whole period. Did she even sell anything? Hopefully so. I dare not even think of her making any profits after deducting the payable rent. 😦

Chinese New Year this year was a smaller scale event considering the main/usual hosts being out of town for their wedding anniversary. I spent my days going through instagram posts of friends, who had much more activities; larger families, more friends. Not that I really mind the break and rest. I’m not much of a social bird. :/

And, while receiving red packets is fun (and good for the wallet), it is rather embarrassing for people my age. I often have to take a big dig.. before receiving the red packet.

Oh wellz. Major 2 days of the festive season is over.
For now, let’s get back to praying for the miracle of a turn-around of good news/occasions before January officially ends… and, relish the next 50+ hours of my long weekend. 🙂

hammie 02.jpg

Peace out.


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