Tumbling Rain

It has been raining for at least 12 continuous hours, the past 2 days. Rather unusual for January. Or so I think.

Clothes have been accumulating on the bamboo poles.. How am I gonna find space for the bed linens that need to be changed before Chinese New Year?

The weather now totally describes my mood. I have not had a good January. Its 24 Jan. Should I be expecting a miracle in the next 8 days? Not so sure about that.

The year started bad with the mess in the worship team. Then having a 27-year old going totally moody and not wanting to talk at all.
Went to get my health report last week. While overall, my health is in good state, the heart worries me with the ECG results. After 6 repeat tests on 2 separate occasions, the ECG results came back the same – Abnormal. I have been asked to go consult a cardiologist for further assessment.

I feel like a total walking time bomb now. Never knowing when my final moment might be, when the very thing that keep me alive, should fail me.

This is a reason why, I typically don’t like to go for such checks. I cannot take bad news too well. 😦

Overall, life is like a downhill tumble for me.

Just last weekend, the friend I was beginning to trust more, decided to do things that totally disappointed me. I don’t know why it affected me that much but, it did. When I needed her to be around, she was not there. And even after I told her, what I thought, she did not take me seriously. That is probably the saddest part.

I will make the decision, to let this friend go. I cannot have one whom I cannot trust beside me. No, I cannot.
I bet as well, the friend doesn’t care. So… why should I further bother?


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