The reason why some friends disappoint more than others; because these friends mean more to us? Or simply because of the actions that they took. Or, it is just situation dependent.

More often than not, people who actually impact me with their actions, are those who mean something to me. Else, I can be really un-bothered by anything and anyone.

When someone important to me lets-down, I struggle to handle myself and the situation. I become warped in the entire occurrence and start to wallow in bitter-ness. Something that I have to say, is very unhealthy. For myself, and the other close people.

In the latest event, I am feeling upset, that a friend did not (seem to) take me seriously, when I had already explicit said I’ve had a bad day. What irritated me was definitely seeing “hahhahaa”, instead of asking, “what happened?”. As if that was not enough, the friend continued to dig at me, plunging me with undesirable news.

I have not talked to the friend for about 2-3days now. Well, maybe it does not make a difference to the friend, whether I am around or not. If that is true, sad but, what really, can I do about it? Force a friendship to exist? Nah.. not me.

I believe strongly, that friendship is a 2-way effort. I don’t want to beg for friendship. Either the friend is now too scared to approach me or, simply can’t be bothered about me. Maybe she too doesn’t know that I’m currently in the dumps mood.

What should I do now? Advice?


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