Issues that concern humans… are typically the most frustrating and annoying ones I have to deal with. For one, I’m not quite the people person. If it can be resolved logically and technically, that’s fine. But when it deals with emotions and illogical things, O M G.

Someone has suddenly decided to turn moody and anti-social with almost everyone in the group. Yes, including me. And it is frustrating.. because, ultimately, there is a need to communicate, to work with the person. Can I say I don’t care? Yes, part of me doesn’t really care if the person talks to me or even replies me or not. But, it is pure rude to just ignore when people are talking to you, nicely.

Hey.. I’m not talking about a teenager or a student. I’m talking about working adults. Why are we behaving like we are? Does life not already have enough problems of its own.. Why are we creating more problems…???

So I texted the person, TWICE. Last night. I am totally ignored. Not even a stir.

What else can I do? Except.. since I am such an eyesore, good bye then. Do I really need such a person in my life to complicate matters further? No. I am not all that loving. Do not take me for granted.


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