Little One

Not in my wildest thoughts would I expect myself to have another hamster in the house.. at least not until mid-December when the friend suddenly threw the idea of giving me a hamster as a Christmas gift.

Half of me said yes, half of me said no.
I certainly love hamsters, but to care for them and in some near future have them die on me… its emotional. Not so healthy huh..

Anyway, all this talk. There lives a Sapphire Winter White in my home now. Of all the breeds, I love this most. It was not a difficult choice to make on “what type do you want?

The little one has been fiesty. Quite different from the previous dwarfs I’ve had. Only difference I can make out, is their gender. The current little one is a female. Aggressive, fierce — on the very evening I was driving home, she bit my finger till it bled.

For the first few days at home she was protective of her territory. Putting your hand into her cage was like making an entry into a lion’s den. Enter at your own risk. I don’t know if she scared me or I scared her… My hands were sweaty just by thinking of handling her.

Thank God.. she has grown. 🙂
Unless I catch her at the wrong hour, she will have her meals on my palm. Else, she will just turn around and want to re-enter her cage and hide in a corner with her snack.

Little one, sleeps most of the day. Little one is also the only hamster I’ve seen rarely on the exercise wheel.. -.-
Little one has learnt that she gets attention when she starts biting the grilles of her cage and, she will start biting her the front grilles of her cage every morning… as if to be telling me, its time to feed her.

Here’s a picture of the little one….. and yes, little one has yet to get a proper name.



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