It is the first work day of 2017.
While in it, I felt that 2016 was a drag (at some points)… now I look back and wonder where did the year go?

2016 was probably one of the years, I somehow wish I can re-live through.. a year that saw me through several travels, to old and new destinations, make new friends, learn new things.

2016 brought me back to the United States, a place that I have been wanting to visit since my last trip, in Dec 2005. Memories from the short week stay in San Francisco still linger very strongly and honestly, after half a year, I am still missing the place and the trip overall. Of course, the company I had played a huge part in my memories.

2016 also made me a hamster owner, again. Thanks to friends who decided, to get me a hamster for Christmas. The gift was not cheap. Hamster plus all the necessary start-up items (house, bedding, food, sanitizer, sand, sand bath) added up to a whopping S$91. I did a heavy swallow of that figure. Probably stunned them in return with a gift that amounted  > S$100.

For friends I love, the heart simply does not ache no matter the amount I spend. 🙂

What will 2017 bring? At present, the looming change would be the career change. After > 6 months, the 13th month salary is finally in. Now, I can leave the company without feeling, “short-changed”. One thing though, while I also want a break, it feels a little scary leaving a job, without a job. What with the uncertainty of the economy now.

No clear direction where I should be headed… I can only sit tight and continue praying, and living day by day.


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