What now?

At a cross-roads, where do I go from here? What do I do now?

An earlier devotional reading sat “un-read” in my mailbox. I finally opened the mailer after about a week since it arrived.

The verse that sat right at the top of the reading, spoke straight to the heart. Just as I am questioning the cross-roads of life.

Proverbs 16:9 – The human mind plans the way, but the Lord directs the steps.

Most certainly, like most people, I have my own perception of how my life should be. The most ideal life, if I may describe so.
But, as with most lives, things are not that easy. If things were so easy, I might already be in heaven. (at least I am hoping things are simpler in heaven!!)

I question life daily. But when I start questioning more than the usual, I begin to wonder, if God is throwing me into all the confusion only because, He wants me to speak to him more. It is almost like a natural BGR (BoyGirlRelationship) game. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” ?

Create situations whereby, the human becomes so help-less, he/she naturally starts rambling to oneself, or supposedly, talking to God.
And that’s why they say, God is Almighty. He can create any situation he wants!

Dear God, thank You for the assurance that you are always with me. That regardless of how bleak the world and situations are, around me, You have me in the palm of Your hands. Even if the world may fall, I will not fall.

Taking baby steps now, in the area of my career path. Options are opening up.. let’s see where God leads.


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